Prof. Dr.
Professor, Institute for Austrian and International Tax Law, WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business), Vienna
Area of Expertise: 
International Taxation
U.S. Law

Alexander Rust is Professor in Tax Law at the WU Vienna University of Economics and Business. In the past, Alexander worked as Acting Assistant Professor in the international Tax Program at New York University and as Professor of tax law and director of the master program in European and International tax law at the University of Luxembourg. He specializes in all areas of tax law but is also fascinated by constitutional and European law. Alexander Rust studied in Freiburg, Geneva, Munich and New York and gained legal practice during his clerkship as an assistant judge at the Munich High Court, as a public prosecutor, as a law clerk in the Ministry of Finance, and as a tax advisor. After the Second State Examination he worked as an assistant at the University of Munich and as a senior research fellow at the Max Planck Institute Munich. His PhD thesis focused on the fight against tax havens and particularly dealt with the compatibility of Controlled Foreign Company legislation with tax treaty and EU law. He is a frequent guest lecturer at universities in and outside Europe.