During 2015, the alumni board worked on its common vision and elaborated its strategic orientation:

Strategic Orientation – Image & Communication

Communication & member development

- We actively communicate with our members, current students, and graduates. The aim is to encourage our members to play an active role in the life of the alumni association, to attract new members from current courses and to win back former association members.

- Communication also helps to strengthen our membership base, thereby broadening our international reach and creating an alumni network that spans a wealth of different graduation years and disciplines.

Strategic Orientation – Events & Services

Events, network & added value

We organize a range of special events for our members and play an active role in the HSG Alumni network, working with them to achieve our common goals. With access to the HSG Alumni platforms, we add value by offering our members a range of networking opportunities and help to promote their professional development.

Strategic Orientation - Financing

Our commitment

We support and promote the further development of the EMBL program. Our activities are mainly financed by membership fees. The Board ensures that resources are used efficiently and effectively and provides full disclosure of the association’s accounts.

Strategic Orientation - Structure & Organization

Transparent structure & open culture

Our organizational structure is efficient, transparent and professional with various areas of responsibility. The program heads offer operational support and help to promote our culture of mutual respect and openness.

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