Module 7 - Vaduz - 2013/2014

22.04.2014 to 26.04.2014


Dr. Stefan R. Sulzer


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Finance is a key area of business. Cuttingedge developments are discussed in Vaduz, an important financial center. Speakers include experts from major jurisdictions. Representatives of financial service providers and of financial market supervisory authorities are on the spot.

  • Financial Services Law (Banks, Financial Instruments, Stock Exchanges, Insurance Companies)
  • Cross-border Asset and Investment Management
  • Business Criminal Law (Money Laundering, Insider Trading, Bribery)
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Market Supervision
  • Compliance
  • Treaty Shopping
  • Primary Market Transactions


Dr. René Boesch
Daniel Bono
Dr. Stephan Hutter
Dr. Hans-Joachim Jaeger
Dr. oec. et lic.iur. Markus J. Kroll
Christopher O’Brien
Prof. Dr. iur. Mark Pieth
Hartmut Renz
Hartmut Renz
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. em. Klaus Spremann
Dr. Stefan R. Sulzer
Jan Thomann
Dr. Philipp von Randow
Daniel Weiss
Prof. Dr. Thomas Werlen