Experiences of the module ‘Introduction to European & International Business Law’ in St.Gallen

Jul 6 2017
by Liu Xiaoyu, Executive M.B.L.-HSG candidate

On June 12, 2017, as members of the 22nd year of the Executive M.B.L program, candidates from all over Europe, US, China, Saudi Arabia and Chile with different backgrounds - including lawyers and non-lawyers - gathered in St. Gallen, Switzerland and stepped into the first chapter of our flying classroom program - Module I: Introduction to European and International Business Law. Upon arriving, we received a warm welcome and practical introductions from the E.M.B.L- HSG team, after which we were invited to the traditional Eglifilet-event welcome dinner, enjoying the unparalleled scenery from the top of the roof and appreciating the classic taste of Eglifilet and Swiss cheese. It was in such a warm and harmonious atmosphere that we have witnessed during the opening of this great program.

Group picture

The two-week course is both intensive and informative, with a wide range of topics covering law, business and soft skills including leadership, cross-cultural communication and practical advice on the drafting of distribution agreements. We had two chairpersons for this module, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Halten (Professor of German and Foreign Public Law, European Union Law and International Law at Albert Ludwigs University Freiburg) for the first week, and Dr. Philipp Speitler (Judge of County Court Baden-Württemberg) for the second week, with both of whom candidates were in constant contact throughout the whole module.

Chairman Ulrich Haltern welcomes the class

The lectures in the first week were mainly focused on EU law, containing its development, constitutional principles and fundamental freedoms. Besides this, the lecture “The Global Lawyer- Do’s and Don’ts” given by Dr. Doerr, shared much valuable lessons in dealing with complex legal matters and balances of interest conflictswith us; and the lecture “Integration Economics” held by Prof. Bühler enabled us to grasp a brief overview of the most important doctrines in economics. During the first week, candidates were divided into groups and were asked to prepare for the graded case study, for which we should apply the knowledge we gained analyzing and presenting the case in EU law respect.

Arts tour at the HSG campus

During the second week, we were enriched by a selective variety of lectures and topics given by outstanding speakers covering contents from “Labour Law in the Digital Age” to “International Management”, from company’s perspective on “Corporate Governance (with panel discussion) & Introduction to Compliance” to practice oriented “International private law & European and International IP law”. The second graded exam was the case study “United States of America v. Wegelin & Co., et al.” in compliance aspect. Candidates were to prepare the case in groups and answer the assigned questions within the given time.

Corporate Governance discussion panel

On the last day of the module, we had a case study of Uber which was given by Dr. Herrmann, and a workshop “International Business Criminal Law”, given by Ms. Becker-Toussaint, former vice attorney general and press officer Hessen (Germany) who shared her experience and insight accumulated during her career as a judge in both civil and criminal sections in Frankfurt, as a training officer for judges and public prosecutor and later as head of the department for narcotics, international business crime and money laundering. The two talented female speakers are also perfect examples to inspire the young female professionals in their career developments. 

Except for the comprehensive contents throughout those two weeks, we also had various extracurricular activities to explore the beauty of the lovely town of St.Gallen, from the modern art main building of University St.Gallen, to the world cultural heritage Abbey Library of St.Gallen, and up to the hilltop with amazing views towards the city and Bodensee. Through cultural communication and integration, we learned from each other and grew closer into a big warm family.

St.Gallen city tour

The first module in St.Gallen was extremely unforgettable to me and I already can’t wait for the next module. There is a saying: “Life is like a generous and adventurous journey “. I believe, with the global flying classroom of Executive M.B.L.-HSG program, we will have an enriching journey that may ultimately stretch my passion of being a legal professional with all-round qualities.  

Group dinner