An E.M.B.L.-HSG Alumnus' Experience - Georg Hanschitz

Feb 3 2014

Georg Hanschitz, student of the class 2011/2012 and Strategy Consultant at the ÖVP Rathausclub, talks about his experiences during the Executive M.B.L.-HSG.

I wanted to gain skills and got wings!
At first I want to thank the Executive M.B.L.-HSG staff and my colleagues for great and intensive time during the challenging E.M.B.L program. My intension was to find an international program, which links the most important topics of business and law, because my professional background at the time of application was non-legal and I wanted to reframe my personal career. After the Executive M.B.L.-HSG I was able to understand the world in a better way – not only because of my new knowledge of European and international business law but because of the fact that I studied at universities on different continents and discussed with some of the best professionals in their field.  
A lot of candidates have different professional, educational and national backgrounds and they all bring in their perspectives and knowledge. At the end of the program we were all specialists and generalists at the same time.  Coming from a business background was an advantage in some of the study-fields, because most of the legal topics are easy to analyze when you know where to start. The fact that the HSG program presents European and international business law in a practical way and with lots of professional perspectives is absolutely great.
Talking about challenges during the program, I have to say that combining job, family and the HSG studies was hard, because I needed a lot of free time to concentrate on the program, so I had to structure and restructure my time-management randomly. Sure, working throughout the program was challenging too, but for me also very important. I was able to directly apply a lot of new knowledge, which I learned days ago at one of the program destinations, in the office.
I would absolutely recommend the program: It’s global, great people and fun in and outside the classroom and I also recommend the supplementary module at Harvard Law School which brings an extra value to lawyers and businessmen.
The Executive M.B.L.-HSG is an innovative program and the concept of the flying classroom combined with a global faculty will “give you wings” in professional life.