An E.M.B.L.-HSG Alumni's Experience - In-Ho Kim

Jun 12 2013

In-Ho Kim, student of the class 2008/2009 and Senior Manager Business Development at Samsung Electronics, talks about his experiences on the Executive M.B.L.-HSG.

Why did you choose to do the Executive M.B.L.-HSG program?
What was your motivation in applying for the program having a law degree already?

Being qualified as a lawyer, as a computer scientist, and as a mediator I was highly attracted by the M.B.L.-curriculum to study the interdisciplinary aspects of law, business, and cross-culture in a truly international environment.

What did you get out of it – professionally and personally?
You having a legal as well as a non-legal background – what was the additional benefit for you?

I brushed up my legal and business knowledge directly from top notch experts and I could benefit by implementing many expertise immediately into my business. Personally, I am still enjoying the professional network and private friendships with many of my M.B.L.-Alumni.

How did you benefit from the different professional, educational (lawyers, business people, public administrators, engineers) and national backgrounds in the course?

Working and studying with so many people from different professions and with international backgrounds is not easy always. But for instance learning to communicate more properly and accurately in a high-context communication surrounding was eventually greatly rewarding.

You worked 100% during the program. What were the challenges of combining job and studies?

Like all of my M.B.L.-fellows I needed to manage my time highly efficiently, keeping up my motivation to read the course materials after my work and on weekends. Furthermore attending all flying courses was indeed challenging - especially if you are working for a Korean company where you have usually 8-12 days vacation per year.

Would you recommend the program to colleagues/friends? If yes, why?

I definitely recommend the M.B.L.-program to colleagues and friends who are curious and interested in learning law, business and its interdisciplinary aspects, and who are consciously not aiming for a pure LL.M. or MBA only.

What did you particularly like outside the classroom (e.g. field trips, free time with students, receptions, dinners, cultural events, city tours, course locations)?

Frankly spoken, we did not have much free time, but however we used every free minute intensively in every location we had our flying classes. In short: sleep less, study hard and play harder was the motto - sometimes. ^^

How did you benefit from the networking opportunities given (co-students and faculty)?

A very positive and astonishing fact is that every M.B.L. fellow student, all faculty members I know, and even Alumni fellows or faculty members who I do not know in person are approachable, very responsive and helpful from my experience.

Which was your favorite module and why?

I have to admit that my favorite module was in Texas Austin and New York - without saying why.