An E.M.B.L.-HSG Alumna's Experience - Ulrike Götz

Mar 13 2014

Ulrike Götz is E.M.B.L.-HSG alumna of the year 2000/2001 and is working as a Legal Counsel at the Luxembourg Central Bank in Luxembourg.

Why did you choose to do the Executive M.B.L.-HSG program?
What was your motivation in applying for the program having a law degree already?

The post-graduate program attracted my attention at that time by its unique structure and perspective. More particularly, its module-based organisation with flying classrooms, the location being linked to the topic dealt with and a special focus on practising professionals allowed staying in career throughout the whole program. The program’s interdisciplinary approach is extraordinary and distinguishes it from traditional postgraduate law degrees.

What did you get out of it – professionally and personally?
You being an in-house lawyer – what was the additional benefit for you?

The program was very useful and enriching both on a professional and a personal scale. I certainly enlarged my knowledge in different areas of international business law, including in areas of specific relevance for my professional activity (as a lawyer practising in the area of financial services law in a law firm at that time). Additionally, studying among practising professionals from different academic backgrounds in a multicultural environment with specific focus on the business perspective was particularly valuable.

How did you benefit from the different professional, educational (lawyers, business people, public administrators, engineers) and national backgrounds in the course?

The different educational, professional and national backgrounds allowed beneficial discussions inside and outside the classroom. Many contacts and even friendships were made at that time and keep growing thanks to the well-organised Alumni-network encompassing Alumni of our program and of the Universität St. Gallen.

You worked 100% during the program. What were the challenges of combing job and studies?

The program required admittedly a lot of time and to reconcile the relating workload with a full-time job as a lawyer in a law firm was a real personal challenge, in particular due to the amount of preparatory readings and “homework” between the different modules.

Would you recommend the program to colleagues/friends? If yes, why?

I can definitely recommend the program. It is rare that a postgraduate-degree can be reconciled with a professional career. But the required effort linked to the workload should not be underestimated and requires much effort – both from a professional and a personal perspective.

What did you particularly like outside the classroom (e.g. field trips, free time with students, receptions, dinners, cultural events, city tours, course locations)?

The organisers of the program have done a great job throughout the program, including outside of the classroom as far as the choice of the locations of the different modules and the social program is concerned. There was certainly always some time for sightseeing and socialising on different occasions. However, given the program-related workload the weekly modules were mostly study-orientated.

How did you benefit from the networking opportunities given (co-students and faculty)?

I appreciate the different Alumni networking opportunities of both, the Universität St. Gallen and of our postgraduate program, which I try to attend if feasible. Being invited to attend some of the modules (such as China) of the ongoing programs is a great opportunity.

Which was your favorite module and why?

When I was at University, I personally enjoyed studying in the United Kingdom very much, given the different academic approach.The same different academic approach was true for the negotiation module (Harvard), which makes this my favourite module. At that time, Shanghai and Tokyo were unfortunately not among the modules.