E.M.B.L.-HSG alumna Radena Dragieva moved to EIOPA (European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority)

Jan 14 2015

Radena Dragieva, Master in Mathematics and Informatics, E.M.B.L.-HSG alumna 2012/2013 and Actuary at CARDIF Bulgaria Branches for the past 5 years, just moved to the EIOPA (European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority) as Expert in Insurance Policy, Frankfurt a.M.

Read here about Radena's motivation for applying for the new position and the connection to the E.M.B.L.-HSG.

The E.M.B.L.-HSG team wishes Radena all the best for her new challenge!

Dear E.M.B.L.-Team,

I would like to shortly share the most recent news on my side with you.
The New Year 2015 has been started with a new job for me – as of 1 January 2015 I am employed as an Expert in Insurance Policy within EIOPA (European Insurance and Occupational Pensions Authority) in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

After more than seven years of working experience within the insurance industry in Bulgaria – more than two years with Allianz subsidiary in Bulgaria working on Planning and Risk-controlling matters and above five years with BNP Paribas insurance arm – Cardif Bulgaria Branches working as an Actuary (being recently the Head of the Local actuarial department) –  I decided to switch to one of the European Commission agencies working on the common insurance and occupational pensions market rules within the European Union.

I am proud of being part of the team situated in Frankfurt am Main responsible for diverse projects to be proposed and put in-force for European Insurance, Reinsurance and Occupational pensions undertakings.
Being part of the employees working on calculating, implementing and upgrading the policy recently put in-place is a new challenge which I hope I’ll cope with successfully. For me it is an added value to work within the Authority due to the fact I am coming from small member country of the EU and it rarely happens to be involved in the big EU matters.

I am sure one of the key points for selecting me as the successful candidate for the open position was not only the professional background but also the educational one. Indeed the E.M.B.L.-HSG diploma from the University of St. Gallen brought new horizons to me and it has been very useful in switching to the ‘Western-European’ way of thinking and coping with diverse tasks.

Here I would like to thank the E.M.B.L.-HSG program for giving me the opportunity to experience all the different knowledge gained from the 9 modules-training and therefore opening my mind for new challenges!

Radena Dragieva